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Wedding photography is the documentation of your special day, which happens only once in a lifetime. There is no other chance to return to the past and again repeat some special wedding moments. Therefore, the wedding photographer so responsibly seeks to capture all the important moments, smiles, tears and happiness. A wedding photo telling a story depends on the skill of the photographer. This is not just beautiful portraits, it is a combination of frank, documentary, fashionable and elegant photographs to save your sincere and truly amazing day.

Wedding photographer in Coimbatore, Tamilnadu

The wedding photo session of your special day in Coimbatore is a great way to keep the wedding in detail so that you can feel your emotions again and again by looking at your photos. Wedding photography is not just documenting emotions, it should show the whole story, in the center of which there is a couple. It is difficult to imagine a wedding without a professional photographer, as the photo saves moments perfectly.

How a wedding day will look in photographs depends on many factors: who the bride and groom are, their history, how they relate to each other, what wedding style is chosen, how big the wedding will be, at what level the organization of the wedding will be, whether the walk will be planned for two during the wedding day, there will be several free hours for a photo shoot outside the venue and where this will happen, one or two photographers will work in a team, and so on. If the wedding is international, and there will be some special national traditions, the photographer should be prepared for this and have a clear vision of what will happen and how to photograph all the finest moments in the best way. And most importantly, the result of wedding photos should be true and sincere.

For 10 years, we have worked at numerous weddings in Coimbatore and throughout Chennai and Trichy. Experience, understanding of the desires and history of the couple, as well as knowledge of wonderful locations, allows us to prepare for the wedding photoshoot in such a way as to satisfy the most daring expectations of the newlyweds. To keep the wedding day in the photo from start to finish is extremely responsible because there will be no repetitions, everything happens only once. Thus, the team of photographers must be truly professional so as not to miss anything important.

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The colour and freshness that is perceived in an outdoor Pre Wedding Photography Session is incomparable.

Candid Wedding photographer with documentary style. Naturalness and timelessness, with the main objective of capturing all those magical and unrepeatable moments

The bride’s hand wrapping the back of the boyfriend’s neck, the groom’s hands on the couple’s waist, or a simple touch of fingers can make the difference between a beautiful photograph and one that may feel a bit awkward.

Forget your hands in your pocket or just stand in front of the camera. Always try to have a common point of contact with your partner. 

Maternity sessions are special sessions where you let us be part of your memories, and thus be able to capture those beautiful images of you.

Baby Shower is a party where the future mother (the future parents) receives gifts for her baby who is about to arrive. Usually, the party is organised between the 6th and 8th month of pregnancy. 

What my clients say

Thanks for your great work.. Super Happy with the outputs... Well done
Varadarajan K
Practising for 6 months
Thanks for the beautiful memories you created to us. Keep it up.
Nanda gopal
Practising for 2 months
Your photography is a way of feeling and loving. Very Dedicated place I've ever seen. All the best to the team.
Kavinaya Ulaganathan
Practising for 4 months


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