The dress of the bride , the groom attire , invitations , makeup & hairdressing , banquet , floral decoration , the details of the guests , the honeymoon , the photo report and video. These are just some of the essential aspects when planning a wedding. After the request for a hand , the wedding expenses begin to accumulate and you wonder but: how much does a wedding cost? In today’s post I want to help you with 10 tips to save on your wedding preparations But, yes, without losing a bit of quality.

You hear the word ‘wedding’ and you and your pocket start to tremble, the expenses are exorbitant, especially in the first months, and it seems that you do not manage to meet all the payments. Don’t worry, all is not lost! It is best to organize and distribute the payments in the different months, this way you will pay a little every month and it will not be so complicated.

It is also important to know in what aspects and how you can save on your wedding preparations . Write down these tips and you will get it:

1.- Do not choose high season: prices in spring / summer months such as May, June, July … They are always higher. But now with climate change it can be very good weather in months like April, even in October or November. I also encourage you to consider getting married in the colder months, a winter wedding is the best.

2.- DIY, Handmade fashion: if you are faithful to the blog you will know that I am a fan of DIY , the details made by yourself are unique, special and much cheaper.

3.- Rent the bride’s dress and the groom’s suit: it is currently very fashionable to rent both the bride and groom’s dresses and the guest’s outfits. It will always be cheaper and you can save money. If this option does not convince you, there is the possibility of finding the wedding dress of your dreams in stores with outlet promotions, dresses from other seasons but just as beautiful.

4.- Family jewels : the precious emerald inheritance of your dear grandmother… why not wear it on the most special day of your life? It is a great option both to save and to remember our loved ones on our wedding day.

5.- Do ‘Co-founding’ with the honeymoon: if you still don’t know what ‘ Co-founding ‘ is, you are missing a great opportunity to save money on your wedding. It is about making a wedding list where the guest you want gives you a ‘mini portion’ of your wedding trip , this way you can get out for free.

6.- Buy online: if you are reading the post, I presume that you are a born consumer of blogs, websites and social networks. So you can reduce costs if, in time, you search the Internet for different offers or promotions that are offered and many times they are much cheaper than in any physical store.

7.- Use seasonal flowers: Peonies , tulips, roses, craspedias, daisies, succulents … Maybe some of these flowers are your favorites but be careful because if it is not their time, they can come out sooo expensive. Ideally, go for seasonal flowers that will be easier to find and thus more affordable.

8.- Check the guest list: The long guest lists ended the crisis. Now they take the smallest weddings , full of details and risking with a beautiful decoration. Ideally, you review the guest list and banish her from commitments, invite who you really want and feel like it.

9.- Request joint budgets: The months before the big day is ideal if you can be part of some community or wedding forum, so you will meet other brides who are in your same situation. There you can clarify doubts, find out about promotions or even request joint estimates, thus benefiting from discounts. And on top you will have a blast!

10.- Be your own DJ: This advice is not applicable to toooodas married couples, although it is true that you can carry it out at weddings held in family or private houses or farmhouses, in restaurants or large farms you will not be able to do it because general rule they have an agreement with a DJ. But … by asking you don’t lose anything.


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