12 Budget-Friendly Tips for a Memorable Marriage Ceremony

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The reasons to save on a wedding can be manifold. It could be to avoid draining your budget before the wedding, or not having the resources that a marriage requires right now. Whatever your reasons, there are some key points to keep in mind when planning a wedding on a budget. Here are 12 top tips to help you get the most out of a low budget wedding.

1. Plan ahead, save and look for discounts
The old adage is true: “God helps those who help themselves”. Start planning your wedding as early as possible to secure the best prices and offers, and to make sure you have enough time to plan everything. Check out the list of tasks for a civil wedding to help you get started.

2. Choose the right month, day and time
Certain times of year are cheaper for wedding-related services such as catering, music, and flowers. Consider the requirements for a civil marriage – the cost will increase if you get married in a different district, and if you opt for a religious ceremony, you will need to invest more time and money if you choose to have the ceremony in a church outside your area. Fees for civil marriages are lower during weekdays and within the district, from Monday to Friday. After 8:00 pm, the fees double, as well as on Saturdays, or if the civil ceremony is held outdoors for more than an hour.

3. Limit your guest list
When arranging a wedding, you are only obligated to invite your closest family and friends. Avoid the formalities that would otherwise force you to invite neighbors, bosses, co-workers, and distant relatives who you haven’t seen in a while. The golden rule is to invite only those with whom you have had consistent contact in the last 6 months, or with whom you have an emotional bond. Likewise, you can choose whether to invite couples, and children are optional.

4. Look for inexpensive decorations and decorations
In addition to opting for local and seasonal flowers, which are the cheapest, you can reuse them. If you opt for large flower arrangements at your religious ceremony, you can reuse them for the reception. You can also replace the flower arrangements on the tables with candles, candle holders, bottles or centerpieces made by yourself. Also, remember that quantity doesn’t necessarily mean quality – you can have fewer decorations, but beautiful ones.

5. Virtual and/or printed wedding invitations
Take advantage of technology and create your own digital wedding invitations for free. This will save you time and money on delivery. If you prefer printed invitations, opt for simple designs with one ink and one per couple. You can also save money by ordering all additional wedding stationery such as signs, programs, and menus at the same time as the invitations.

6. A venue that suits you
Another important factor when planning a cheap wedding is the venue. Once you’ve adjusted your guest list, consider reserving a house, a mansion, a farm or one of these places in advance. If it’s a small civil wedding, you have more options. For example, you can hold the ceremony and reception in one place – such as a hotel, a hacienda, or a venue for a cheap wedding in Lima or another city in Peru. The advantage is that the decoration, furniture, music, catering and parking are all included in the price. Just remember to check that the transfer of the municipal delegate for the civil ceremony or the priest for the religious ceremony doesn’t increase your budget.

7. Reception and party in a ‘all-inclusive’ place
You can also hold the wedding ceremony and reception in one place. You’ll find this option in hotels, haciendas, and venues for cheap weddings in Peru. The staff usually takes care of everything and these venues offer cheap wedding packages. Just make sure the transfer of the municipal delegate for the civil ceremony or the priest for the religious ceremony doesn’t increase the budget you have planned.

8. A banquet that costs less
Food is one of the biggest components of the wedding budget. A three-course dinner is the most expensive option, whereas expenses can be reduced in a buffet, a cocktail-style banquet with drinks and appetizers, or an alternative meal such as brunch, which is served around mid-morning or midday. The choice of menu will depend on the time, making the morning the most economical option. In any case, make sure the number of servings is sufficient and the options varied. Prioritize Peruvian food for weddings – it’s the most economical and sustainable option.

9. Simple, custom-made or rented wedding outfits
Preparing an inexpensive wedding doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the wedding dress or suit you’ve dreamed of. There are cheap options to get the perfect outfit. Consider buying simple wedding dresses and classic suits with no additional designs. You can also rent your wedding dress or suit, as well as some accessories. The cost will depend on whether it’s the first time you’re renting it or not.

10. One-tier wedding cakes or a candy bar
The wedding cake is a classic, but to prepare a cheap wedding, you can opt for a single-tiered cake with a simple design, or ask your bakery to display a mockup and hand out a simple cake. Another alternative is to combine the presentation of a wedding cake with a candy bar that has sweet options for all tastes – it’s cheaper and will help you keep your wedding budget in check.

11. Cheap wedding favors
Couples tend to save on wedding mementos. You can do most of it yourself or with the help of your friends and family. Putting them together is easy and you don’t always have to order them. From the containers, to their contents and labels, you can reduce your wedding budget in all parts.

12. Inexpensive wedding rings
Another way to save money is on wedding rings. Even if you opt for gold, there are certain types of rings that are cheaper than others. Alternatively, you can opt for alternative materials such as steel or tungsten, which will save you money. The most appreciated option in Peru is Peruvian silver rings, which are available at very competitive prices. Check out this practical guide to help you choose your wedding rings – it contains approximate prices, differences by material, and other essential information to help you choose cheap rings.

Saving money is always possible and it will save you a lot of headaches in the present and in the future. When planned correctly, a cheap wedding can be just as special and memorable as an expensive one. Now that you know how to organize a wedding without spending a lot, rent your outfits from the bridal houses that offer this service in Peru, and choose the perfect venue for your reception from the most complete directory of wedding receptions venues in the country. Your wedding will be just as special, but cost less!


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