15 tips to know how to make the best wedding photos

One of the most emotional moments of any couple is the day of their wedding. For this, they are in charge of selecting the best photographer who can portray every moment of this special date. If you are the chosen one, and you have some doubts, here are 15 tips to know how to make the best wedding photos.

1. Have your wedding photographic equipment ready

It is important that before attending the event venue, you have all your wedding photographic equipment ready . Make sure you have charged your battery, this way you will not harm your work. In addition, it is recommended to carry two memory cards, to photograph every moment of this special day.  

A tripod will be very useful when taking snapshots of the ceremony. Choose the appropriate objectives, for this, it is advisable to know the place days before the wedding, so you can have an idea of the space and if it is necessary to use a flash.

2. For good wedding photos, check your camera settings first

Before you start taking your wedding photos , remember to check your camera settings. Start by checking the ISO, modify it according to the situation and the environment, it is best to have a low ISO so that there is not much noise in the snapshot.

Look at how fast you will work, to prevent images from being shaky or flawed. Control white balance, decide if you will work with manual or automatic focus. All this must be ready before starting your work.

3. Take advantage of natural light and get wedding photos with good resolution

To achieve high resolution wedding photos, it is recommended to take advantage of natural lighting. If you have in mind to portray any detail, make sure it is illuminated by natural daylight. Also, you will get incredible images of the couple in various scenes.  

4. Ask if you will do a pre-wedding photo shoot

In many cases, spouses often request a session pictures pre-wedding, this in order not to miss any moment of the big day. If you have that mission, remember to manage your times very well, also, choose to carry several memory cards, and thus not leave any image on the air. You just need to organize and everything will be perfect.

5. Make sure you manage depth of field on your wedding photos

It is essential to correctly manage the depth of field when taking your wedding photographs . In this way, you will be able to blur the background that you do not think is convenient and photograph the selected detail. Remember that when using a reduced depth of field, you will make an element stand out and move away from the background.

6. Use your creativity and get original photos of the wedding

Without a doubt, with a lot of creativity, you will get the best original photos of the wedding . Observe the entire scene very accurately and think about what elements that are around you could help you play with the assistants and boyfriends. Play with the decorations, flowers, rings, cups and all the details that are always at weddings.

7. For best results, use two cameras for your wedding photos

If you want to get better results, use two cameras for your wedding photos . That way, you will have the ease of changing lenses without turning the cameras off and on. In addition, a good photographer must be prepared for any mishap, in case your first camera has failures, you will have a spare one.

8. Play with the background when capturing your wedding photos

You can play with the background in your wedding photos , according to where it is taking place. Some decide to marry in a closed space, others choose to marry in a free environment, full of vegetation.

For the first case, take advantage of the decoration to get good snapshots. For the second option, you can resort to the beauty of nature, play with the guests and the couple in the environment.

9. Capture original wedding photos in emotional moments

To get original photos of the wedding , take advantage of the emotional moments, which are many. From the expected “Yes, I accept”, to the faces of emotion and happiness of the attendees. All this will be special for the newlyweds when reviewing the images, they are moments that will last forever and that they will want to remember.

10. Choose the center of interest of your wedding photos

When selecting the elements or details in your wedding photos , try to highlight the center of interest. Make the protagonist or reason to photograph stand out. You can do it through a suitable composition, with color, focus, among others.

11. Capture the details in your wedding photos

To make a difference, it is recommended to highlight the details in your wedding photos . Although it is true that at that moment, many overlook these elements, you have to be aware of everything. The rings, the glasses, the particularity of the bride’s dress, the flower arrangements and the decoration of the table are very interesting when it comes to photographing.

12. Group your guests to get fun and original wedding photos

If you have a large number of guests, group them together for fun and original wedding photos . On the one hand, it starts with family members, from parents to nephews and cousins. Then you can choose to photograph the couple’s friends, use decorative elements to give a creative touch to your portraits.

13. In case the wedding photos are taken at night, choose the right flash

There are bride and groom who decide to marry at night, for this, as a good photographer you must choose the ideal flash for these wedding photos . The quality of the images improve with the use of a flash or a type of lighting. It will allow us to provide the amount of light we lack to achieve the ideal photograph.

14. To get a good wedding photograph, remember to take care of the composition

When composing your wedding photos , keep in mind the rule of thirds to get a better result. Observe very well and think about the scene you want to portray, frame the object and shoot.

15. Deliver the wedding photo album on time

The professionalism of a photographer is measured by the quality of his photographs and above all by delivering the wedding photos at the agreed time. Remember that that speaks volumes about your work. Edit and retouch your snapshots on time, that way you will get your clients to get a good impression of you and in the future choose to hire you again.  


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