20 lessons for a bride to learn before her wedding

As difficult as it is to manage life as a couple and marriage, it is essential to assume the role of bride at that moment and know some fundamental details for the organization of so many tasks.

If you thought that organizing a wedding would only learn about the types of wedding decorations , the combination of color palettes or wedding dress cuts , you were wrong. The truth is that this journey to the altar will give you precious teachings, which you have never stopped to think about before. The important thing is to prepare for the big day, organize each stage, from the sending of the wedding invitations until the time of the yes, to be able to take advantage of everything that this stage provides you. Check out some lessons to make your learning during this phase even greater.

  1. Comfort is key
    You will want to look beautiful on your wedding day, but you will learn that in an event like this comfort counts and a lot! So it will be important to choose a dress that makes you feel beautiful but very comfortable, and that your shoes should not hurt your feet, or you should take a second pair, like bridal shoes.
  2. Trust everything you’ve organized
    Even if you are more nervous than normal, know that in the end, everything works out. Relaxing in the face of problems can even help you to become more beautiful, in addition to making you enjoy the moment better.
  3. Practice the vows!
    If you are unsure of your vows, read them out loud and listen to how the words sound. Try to be yourself and just give voice to your feelings, don’t be ashamed of them and tell your partner everything you feel and what this union means.
  4. Know how to control your fears
    Fears you never had will show up before the party starts, fall, or stumble when you walk to the altar, the cake crumbles, etc. Fear is normal in the moments before the party starts, but calm down and repeat to yourself that everything will be all right.
  5. Know what the priorities are
    If something disappoints you on day C, remember how hard it was for you to find your partner, how much you love each other, and how small the odds are compared to the real meaning of the event. Everything is just beginning and your feeling is more important than anything.
  6. Share everything with your partner
    If you are ashamed to expose your feelings, remember that exposing what you feel is very important for your loved one. Embrace your feelings and stop being picky with yourself. Believe me: it will be perfect, as you always imagined!
  7. The status change is gradual
    You will find it strange to call him a husband/wife at first, don’t worry, this is completely normal. Wait a few months and now, it will be as natural as the affectionate nicknames of dating.
  8. Have a “fairy godmother” at the party
    On the day of the party, choose someone to take care of your belongings, so you can enjoy peace of mind and without worrying about cell phones, lipstick, and purse, etc. One of the godmothers, mothers, or anyone you trust that you know will be your support that day.
  9. Know that unforeseen events happen
    At the party, anything can happen. The risk of accidents or something going wrong comes with the package. So, if the DJ does not play that song for the wedding party, or the forecast changes on the day, as can always happen, remember that this is not the most important thing. T being appreciates what actually is relevant, such as your happiness and the people who are sharing this moment with you.
  10. The party will pass too quickly, enjoy!
    The party has started and you will see that suddenly everything happened very quickly, but don’t be sad. The best moments are like that and life is there for that, to enjoy every moment with the people we love. Everything good passes quickly, so it is important to live all those moments intensely and truly.
  11. Beware of alcohol
    Watch out for alcoholic beverages. In addition to really making the moment go faster, if you abuse them, you will not be present as you would like, and you will also run the risk of getting sick and having to end the celebration earlier than expected. Moderation is the words to keep in mind every moment.
  12. Trust your photographer
    Do not worry too much about the result of the photos, be natural and spontaneous. It is important to reserve the right moments for specific photos, in addition to telling the photographer what and who wants to be registered, but that is why photos should never occupy all moments of the wedding, relax and let the professional worry about that part.
  13. Always smile!
    Be sure to smile on day C! That day will be to celebrate your love, and the best way to celebrate it will be with a smile on your face printed the happiness that all this provides you. Small tears of joy are allowed, especially in the moments of vows and exchanges of short sentences of love, but the smile must prevail!
  14. Relax about the dress
    We know that you spent a bill to buy or rent the perfect wedding dress model. But there’s no use worrying about him during the whole party. Have fun and if the dress gets dirty or tears, then you can fix it and it will look new again. After all, a dress is repairable, but you can’t go back in time if you don’t enjoy the party.
  15. Let the emotion flow
    Don’t be ashamed to be moved. If you are alone for a while, look around and see that everyone you love is there with you, don’t be worried that someone will see you emotional, with tears in your eyes. The most difficult thing is not to be moved by this beautiful moment. If it is to cry, cry.
  16. Have a good mood!
    If any of your guests abuse their drinking, don’t be angry or upset. It’s part of the party. Facing the little problems with humor can make the moment more fun, try it!
  17. Attention to all guests
    The night/day of your party will go by so fast, it is scary. So try to be a little with each special guest, walk around all the tables because the party ends faster than expected, and you won’t want to forget to hug that friend who made all the difference in your life, right? ?
  18. The couple’s opinion is what counts
    Try not to worry about what others will say. As we often repeat, the party was made by you and for you, your opinion is what matters and, if your guests are special and close people, expect only compliments from this beautiful day.
  19. Allow yourself: it’s your party!
    If the party is ending and you haven’t done everything you wanted to do, enjoy it! If that sentimentality beats and your heart wants to make statements, do it! Do not avoid anything that comes from inside your heart! Be spontaneous with your friends, your family, and your new husband.
  20. Be grateful!
    Give thanks! Thank all people for being there with you! Thanking makes a difference. The universe knows how to give back when we are grateful. Thank the waiter to your friends and family. Recognizing the importance of this moment and having these people around will give you the certainty that you are very lucky to live that day in the best way.

Be prepared for your engagement, know exactly how to take any situation that arises, and be sure that your day will be unforgettable. Don’t stress so much about small details, such as fixing your wedding hairstyle, and relax to enjoy the party with your guests, dancing to the best wedding songs until the last minute. You and your love deserve it!


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