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2023 Reception Photoshoot Ideas: Capture Your Love Story in Style

Hello, lovely couple! Your much-awaited wedding reception is fast approaching, and it’s more than just a celebration. It’s a venue of precious memories where every captured moment, every smile, and every dance step will tell a lifelong story. You might be wondering how to preserve these magical moments. But don’t worry! I have some popular and enticing ideas that are on-trend for 2023, along with some details about reception photography prices.

Core Trends for 2023

Candid moments

Remember when you laughed so hard milk came out of your nose? That’s the vibe! Forget those statue-like portraits; 2023 is all about capturing the spontaneous. Whether it’s a chuckle, a surprise kiss, or that funny dance move – these are the golden snippets that capture your day’s essence.

The landscape

Mother Nature surely knows how to throw a party. If your venue is outdoors, leverage that! Picture yourselves silhouetted against a molten sunset or stealing a kiss under the ancient oak tree. Magical? You bet!

The people

Love isn’t just about the couple; it’s also about the families and friends who’ve shaped you. From a tear in your dad’s eyes to that group hug with college friends – these memories scream to be captured!

Get creative

Break the mould and let your unique personalities shine on your wedding day! Whether incorporating quirky props, playing with dramatic backlighting, or recreating scenes from your favourite movie, make your reception a reflection of who you are as a couple. And suppose you’re unsure how to bring your vision to life. In that case, professional photographers specializing in creative wedding photography can be your fairy godparents, capturing your special day’s magic and authenticity. When discussing your ideas with these professionals, don’t forget to inquire about the reception photography prices so you can find a package that fits your budget. At the same time, ensuring moments are beautifully preserved forever.

Specific Photoshoot Ideas for Couples

For the Nature Lovers

Dreaming of a fairy-tale woodland setting or a serene beach backdrop? Why not hike up that favourite trail or feel the sand between your toes? Exploring the outdoors can lead to some genuinely breathtaking shots.

Celebrating Cultural Heritage

Embrace your roots! Adorn traditional attires, use cultural motifs, or even pose at a location that echoes your heritage. Celebrating your unique culture can add a beautiful and personal touch.

The Fun and Playful Ones

Balloons? Check! Crazy hats? Check! A mock food fight? Why not! Unleash your playful side, and you’d be amazed at how heartwarming ‘fun’ photos can be.

Unique Documentation Ideas

Get flashy with drones for a bird’s-eye view, or capture the timeless charm with sepia or black & white. Remember, there’s no limit to imagination!


Your wedding reception is a narrative; every photo is a sentence in your love story. While trends are a great guide, the real magic lies in being you. Embrace the chaos, cherish the serendipities, and here’s to creating a beautiful, love-filled album!

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What’s the best time for outdoor shots?
Golden hours often yield the best results after sunrise or before sunset.
Should we hire a professional, or can our friends with good cameras take the reception photos?
While friends might capture great candid moments, professionals bring experience and technical knowledge, ensuring you get a range of perfect shots.
How many photos should we aim for during the reception?
Quality over quantity! Around 300-500 well-shot photographs often capture the essence beautifully.
What are some quick tips for looking natural in photos?
Relax, breathe, and be in the moment. Interact with your partner or guests and forget the camera is there.
Any recommendations for unique props?
Vintage items, fairy lights, or even items that reflect your journey as a couple can be great additions!


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