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4 photography tips to capture the emotion on your wedding day

The wedding day is a unique moment in everyone’s life; for some people, it may even be a life-long event. Nothing better than, in photography, you can save that incredible day, with images that capture the true feeling among people that day. But how to make this kind of image?

1. Consider the light and time of day
Think about the direction and tone of the light at the time of the shooting. Always ask yourself how best to capture a soft angle of light rays, without compromising or diminishing the importance of the scene. The warmth of a couple’s love, which alludes to a close and personal connection, can be translated into the warm tone of the captured light.

Consider the light and time of day

2. Background, environment, movement
It is always important to differentiate when it is best to capture a posed moment or when the best option would be a natural moment without a pose. A photo that shows the couple acting naturally will always be more engaging for those who see the image later. In the photo below, the couple’s movement, the wind blowing on the groom’s jacket, and the bride’s hair create a dynamic, true portrait of a happy couple on their wedding day.

Background, environment, movement

3. Find the emotion
The wedding day is a date full of laughter, tears of joy, celebration, and a variety of other emotions. As a photographer, capturing that amount of feelings can be important to represent a truly happy day. It is useful for the image that the wedding guests, as well as the bride and groom, are not looking directly at the camera. You should also pay attention to the background looking for colors, composition, and other aesthetic elements that are important for any image.

 Find the emotion

4. Make sure to remember the little things
The couple will want to remember as many details as possible from this day. And there are details like the flowers, the clothes, the food, the place. Through the photo of the objects present at the wedding, you can demonstrate the love and unity between the couples. Capture textures and contrasts between light and dark tones. When capturing these detailed scenes, be sure also to look at the background to make the composition unique and different.

Make sure to remember the little things



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