5 Tips for those who want to make the reception of your mini wedding at home

Have you decided to save and have your wedding reception at home? Check out some advice so that this moment is impeccable for the guests and unforgettable for you. See how simple it can be to welcome them into your home and have a nice party!

Believe me: it is possible to hold a wedding celebration without disturbing the couple’s financial situation. After all, after the party, when it comes time to take off the wedding dress and costume, put away the accessories and rest the feet of the wedding shoe , real life begins. And one of the items that most salaries the budgets is the rental of the reception site.

But if you chose a wedding decoration designed to decorate your home and turn it into the stage for this party, you can save a lot. And for that, you need to collect tips so that your intimate reception becomes unforgettable. To start organizing the party at home, write down these 6 unmissable pieces of advice.

  1. Consider renting furniture
    Think that, even if you want to invest in other items, such as personalized wedding souvenir models, remember that you have already saved a lot by cutting the space rent, and you can consider renting the furniture to incorporate into the environment.

And this is for two very important reasons: first because it can give a new look to your home and, second, but not least, to preserve your personal objects and favorite furniture from possible damage during the party. Not everyone has a home prepared to host such a special event, so invest a small amount in that item.

  1. Think fondly of enlightenment
    The right lighting has the power to transform any environment. What used to be your cozy living room, can now be the stage for the dance floor where the wedding party songs will dance. And, to give a more magical air too, you can bet on arrangements that mix the elements of the decoration for the intimate wedding party with strategically placed candles. The candles bring comfort and a delicacy that creates a special environment, in addition to being cheap, perfect for the proposal for an intimate party with simple and elegant wedding decorations and mini weddings.
  2. The simple and winning menu
    They can always think of offering a menu or finger food, but reception at home asks for something more personal and intimate than a very elaborate menu. If you consider a mini wedding that leaves the protocol aside, bet on a relaxed menu, which enhances the style of the link for the guests. Small islands of food with individual portions can be a good option and, thus, the style of the dishes can follow the same light air regardless of the time, for example:

Bowls of salads, to start, a table of cold cuts, with breads, cheeses and pates
Finger food with varied starter options
Mini potions of soups and creams, in case the weather is colder
Mini portions of risotto of varied flavors, with options for vegetarians
Crepes. In this case it is worth calling a service of professionals who take everything to you: the equipment, the sweet and savory ingredients, and leave everything in perfect condition afterwards
Fruit salad and a table with assorted sweets, where the well-married can also be

  1. Hire cleaning staff
    There are many advantages to having a reception at home, but there are also some inconveniences that accompany the option. Although you can achieve more comfort and intimacy, remember that when the party is over, it is not just taking off the wedding dress model and the groom’s costume and going to rest. You must be concerned with the “after” and the cleanliness and organization of the house.
    And of course, for the party to be perfect, all that work must not be left to you. Have the cleaning contract for the next day and do not accumulate this concern for when the party is over.
  2. Sleepaway from home
    To make the day more special, even if the party is made at home, you can end the night with a flourish in a place prepared for you, without having the trouble of organizing anything, and far from the mess that will end with the celebrations. You deserve to rest after so much work and, for that, a room with all the comfort is necessary. Leave the cleaning in the hands of the responsible team that hired and only return home after a long night well spent!

Nothing better than an intimate party in the place that brings more personality and privacy. And this place can certainly be your home, just know how to integrate the elements and give a special touch to each corner, from the table of wedding favors to the dance floor where all the wedding songs will dance


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