7 Ideas to organize an Ecological Wedding (Eco-wedding)

For couples who want to respect the environment as much as possible and also save on their celebration, Ecological Weddings ( Eco- weddings) have been born , a phenomenon that is booming in Europe, especially in countries such as the United Kingdom and the Netherlands, and which is growing in Spain.

Ideas for an Ecological Wedding (Eco-wedding)

They are not conventional weddings, so if you dare to carry out this type of celebration, you must be very flexible .

Even so, even if you do not apply all the tips that we will explain below, just by doing some, you will already be contributing to a world with less pollution and waste.

There are some NGOs that can help you organize your wedding in this way, such as the Crana Foundation , which has published the guide of ” Ecofiestas at home ” where they explain step by step how to make a celebration of this type.

There is also Greenpeace that allows us to list weddings with recycled or fair trade items or solidarity products as donations to development projects.

1. For the wedding dress
Choose a suit made with organic cotton , recycled textile, hemp or silk, like those presented in their Natural Bridals, Charo Ruiz and Olivia Luca collections.

There are also designs with overlapping pieces , which we can then reuse, such as those of Paula del Vas. Designer Marie Garnier has even created a biodegradable paper dress with embedded seeds, which we can then “plant” and see how white flowers grow from it.

Although it can also be a very good idea to reuse a wedding dress of someone in the family or even rent it, since this way we will be giving a second life to said garment.

2. For the groom’s suit
The easiest thing is to also choose to rent or choose a model designed to be used on other occasions .

3. The Banquet
You can save electricity consumption by celebrating it at noon and outdoors , or use beeswax candles without additives for night lighting, it will also give you a very magical atmosphere. For the menu, request organic food .

4. Decoration and bouquet
Opt for decorations (garlands, lanterns, bows or flowers) made from recycled paper or organic fabrics . You can also use natural fruits or flowers, if they are seasonal, typical of your area and grown without chemicals.

If, instead of cutting them and putting them in vases, you use potted plants , the guests can take them as a souvenir and plant them at home, for example.

5. Transportation
To pollute as little as possible, choose a celebration location close to the majority of your guests and celebrate everything in the same place.

For the transport of the bride and groom, you can choose something without a motor , such as a buggy, a horse or bicycles, or even use public transport.

6. Wedding invitations
You can make them with recycled paper , or resort to the digital world, sending them by email or creating a website for your wedding (there are pages that allow you to create your website easily and free of charge, here we leave you one).

7. Details for the guests
You can choose fair trade products (the one that protects the rights of workers and avoids damaging the environment) or turn to NGOs that offer personalized wedding details.

There are also companies that have organic and original products, such as mini plants, Dutch mini gardens or cultivation cans (from which beautiful plants will be born), beeswax candles with bows and decorations of organic fabrics and handmade soaps.

What else can I do?
If, in addition to all these actions, instead of buying many of the items in stores, we take the opportunity to acquire them second-hand , we will be contributing our grain of sand to the environment, promoting reuse.

For this we recommend using the Wallapop application , where you will find a multitude of very nice used items and priced at a price that are waiting for a second life.

As you have seen, with a small gesture at our wedding, we can contribute our grain of sand to achieve a better world and protect the environment. Eco weddings are a great way to do it and share it with the people who matter most to us.


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