7 tips to improve the positioning of your photography website

Google is a constantly changing machine, what worked yesterday to position your photography website is no longer valid today. And the worst thing is that a part of what works today will surely no longer be worth tomorrow. It is that they do not even stop to catch a breath, always devising a way to hunt those who try to position themselves with somewhat fraudulent practices. For example, if you find out that by putting keywords in your articles you better position your website, of course, there you are putting those words like crazy. But no, now the coach comes and says that this is no longer valid, or at least not anyway. We are good, but what do we do then? Well, we have prepared 7 tips to position your photography website :

1. Your website must be well designed
There are many factors that make you have a website prepared for positioning for Google but there are certain basic problems that you should avoid on your website. The first thing is the loading speed of your website. Check your cover, do the photos take a long time to load? Well, delete some, you already have the galleries to delve into this topic. Google rewards light and fast pages. It should also have intuitive navigation with few levels that allow it to be quickly indexed by google robots, and that can be reached from one site to another with a few clicks. If you have created galleries, within sub-galleries and within more sub-galleries, simplify! Better create two levels of galleries than three or four. Organize everything more easily.

And of course, it must be a photography website optimized for tablets and mobiles, now more than ever. With the recent Google update, mobile technology takes more force than ever and the search engine will not show on mobile websites that the content is not properly presented to its visitors. Let’s say that if your website is not adapted to mobile phones, for these users you will not exist.

2. Quality external links
Having external links pointing to our websites is very important to improve our position. But beware, sites with irrelevant links are 50% more likely to be penalized by Google. Come on, it is not worth having a link on the website of the greengrocer on the corner that is a friend of yours, no… They must above all be quality links, which clearly highlight that you are a photographer. For example, look for photographer directories, photography contests, photographer associations, or specialized photography websites where you can include your link as a professional. The relevance of the links is what Google will reward from now on. Not the quantity, but the quality.

3. Quality content
With the latest Google update, you don’t need to write a minimum of 2000 words to get a better position on your photography blog. The key is to use different types of content ranging from videos, infographics, images, and even quizzes. There are many options, and in our sector, as we have it easier, including a video of your latest report or some photographs and a small introductory text will be more than enough to position your website properly. People on the Internet now don’t read that much anymore, and Google knows it.

4. Don’t abuse keywords
The inclusion of keywords in an unnatural way on a website is a clear sign of manipulation of web positioning. And Google penalizes those who seek to be in the front row without deserving it. Your keywords must appear on your photography website or photographer blog naturally within the context. It is no longer worth ending the article with something like a robot: «Athini Wedding photographer», «underwater photography», «wedding photographer in Coimbatore», … Tags, labels, etc. They allow you to add blogs if they work and are very useful, be careful but do not add phrases to your website or blog as a robot. Give the coconut one more spin and start creating longer sentences that describe your product. For example, in a blog post, you could include a phrase like “Don’t miss the wedding report in Paris that I do this weekend.” You will get more visits through these more descriptive long sentences.

5. Don’t copy, be 100% authentic
As if you were in a final high school exam, it is not worth copying, since Don Google is vigilant and does not miss a single one. And it has its logic, the search engine wants to show pages with different and authentic information. So don’t copy and paste as is. If you see an idea for an article on an author photography website that you liked, then you make a remix of here and there, synonyms, you write it with your words, whatever you see, but copy as it does not even occur to you. And that copying entire articles on a technical topic are also not useful, it is worth including the link to the article as a reference and give your opinion on it. Oh and finally, also take advantage of the words of any link to make it clear what the topic is about: Do not miss the gallery that I have created on my website about different and current wedding photography.

6. Invest in social media.
A few years ago, meeting some of the above points was enough. Having a moderately optimized website, a large number of external links, and content written in any way was enough to position your photography website well in search engines. But currently, there are other determining factors and one of them is, without a doubt, the use of social networks as a strategy to improve the positioning of your website as a photographer of your specialty in your city, province, or country.

Without a doubt, Social media has become a great channel to obtain a greater number of external links and visits to your website. The more people come to your website, see your work and photos, or access your online photo sales space or your private client area with a password, the greater your popularity and the probability of obtaining what you are looking for, new clients. In addition, your number of followers on social networks is also a new factor that will determine if you are a good candidate to come out in the top positions of search engines.

7. Locate your business on the map.
Include a physical address and a contact telephone number in a visible position on your photographer’s website. Your website must also include a domain and personalized emails that add personality to your website and convey confidence to your visitors. And sign up for Google My Business and social networks that allow real business locations like Foursquare. Yes, Google tracks everything and if it sees that you really exist, then an extra point of trust. And if they end up looking for you by name (you can check it in the statistics of your photography website ), it will be the most reliable proof that you have done a good branding job.

Courage, it’s not that difficult!
With these 7 tips to improve the positioning of your photography website, you can already like the search engines better. But don’t make the mistake of thinking that by doing four quick things you will be up there, you are sure to be in for a surprise. Trust is the basis of any relationship and it is the same with search engines. If Google doesn’t trust your photographer website, it won’t rank you high in their search results. And this is achieved with time and perseverance, we will not tire of repeating it, not by going faster, you will arrive first.






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