A stunning bride in a sari, captured by Athini Photos Coimbatore, at Balaji & Priya's wedding.

Wedding photographer in Delhi capturing Balaji & Priya's wedding, by Athini Photos Coimbatore.

A professional wedding photographer capturing beautiful moments in Hyderabad.

A stunning Indian bride in traditional sari, adorned with intricate jewelry and henna designs.

Indian bride in pink sari, adorned with traditional jewelry, looking radiant on her wedding day.

A stunning Indian bride wearing a pink sari, radiating beauty and elegance on her special day.

Indian wedding couple posing for a photo in Bangalore, capturing the beauty and traditions of an Indian wedding ceremony.

A couple wearing traditional Indian attire, showcasing the vibrant colors and intricate designs of their cultural clothing.

A stunning Indian bride in a sari, elegantly posing for the camera on her special day.