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The Candid Wedding Shoot: How to Capture the Real Moments

Introduction Candid Wedding Shoot

What is Candid Wedding Photography?

Have you ever looked at a wedding photo and felt like it spoke to you? That’s probably a candid shot. Candid wedding photography captures the spontaneous and natural moments of a wedding. It’s like a fly on the wall that snaps the emotions, reactions, and behind-the-scenes magic.

Candid vs Posed: The Key Differences

Now, let’s play a game. Imagine a photo of a couple, perfectly poised and smiling. Got it? That’s a posed photo. Now, please think of the couple laughing heartily with cake on their faces. That’s candid! The main difference lies in authenticity. Candid photos capture the real, unfiltered moments, while posed photos are more about perfection.

Inspirational Candid Wedding Photos

Before we dive in, here are a few of my all-time favourites: the tear in a father’s eye, the bride and her friends in a giggle fit, and the groom’s face when he first sees the bride. These are the raw moments that make wedding albums priceless.

Types of Candid Wedding Photos

The Emotional Moments

You know, weddings are emotional roller-coasters. The sheer joy, the tears, the anxiety – candid photography is all about capturing these bursts of emotions. Don’t you love seeing a photograph where the emotions leap out at you?

The Funny Moments

Weddings are not just about tissues and tears; they’re laughing factories! From a flower girl’s antics to the best man’s speech gone wrong, candid shots preserve the laughter for years to come.

The Unexpected Moments

Like a box of chocolates, weddings have surprises. It could be an impromptu dance or a ring bearer taking a nap. These unexpected moments are gold for candid photography.

Tips and Techniques for Candid Wedding Photography

The Art of Observation

Think of yourself as a detective, always looking for the next big clue. Keen observation is critical. Be aware of your surroundings and anticipate moments.

Camera Settings and Gear

Getting technical, make sure your camera is your ally. Your best friends for capturing candid moments are a fast shutter speed, high ISO, and a good zoom lens.

Building a Rapport with Subjects

Let’s get real; a comfortable subject will give you genuine emotions. Chat, laugh, and build rapport with the couple and the guests.

Choosing the Right Photographer

What to Look For

Selecting a photographer is like finding the perfect pair of shoes; they must fit just right. Look for someone who matches your style and understands the importance of candid shots.

Questions to Ask

Knowledge is power. Ask prospective photographers about their experience, portfolio, and style. And remember to inquire about the gear they use.

Budget Considerations

Your wallet matters. Balance quality and cost. It’s like buying an exquisite piece of art; you want it to be worth every penny.


Let’s wrap it up. Candid wedding photography is about capturing the soul of the wedding. Those fleeting moments will warm your heart for years to come. So, equip yourself with these tips or choose a photographer to catch those moments like lightning in a bottle. Share your thoughts or your own candid wedding photos.


What is the best lens for candid wedding photography?

A 50- or 85mm prime lens is often ideal for candid shots.

How can I make sure the photographer will take candid photos?

Communicate your preference for candid shots and provide examples.

What are some unique candid wedding photo ideas?

Consider capturing the bride’s morning preparation, guests’ reactions, or an impromptu family performance.

Can I combine candid and posed photography?

Absolutely! A mix of both can give your wedding album depth and variety.

How do I manage my budget while hiring a good candid photographer?

Compare prices, look for packages, and don’t hesitate to negotiate.


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