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Everything you need to know for a perfect wedding


Hello! If you have come this far, you are probably looking for how to organize your wedding. In that case, congratulations! You have come to the perfect place. Here you have the guide to a perfect wedding and during the next few minutes I will help you organize the wedding you dream of and so enjoy every moment. Ready?


Yes, it may seem strange that the guest list is at the top of the list, but in some places they will ask you for an estimated number of guests to prepare a budget. In addition, there are farms that require a minimum number of guests, that is, if you do not reach that minimum, you have to assume the cost of the place setting to cover the number of guests established for weddings.


It is considered the starting point. There are couples who are very clear about the day, in which case, book it as soon as possible. Other couples prefer a certain time of the year or, simply, when, the place where they want to marry is free, be it church or farm. Therefore, it is worth deciding whether it will be:
Civil ceremony: it will depend on the availability of the farm that you want or choose the farm that has your date free. Remember that if it is a civil ceremony, you will have to make an appointment in court to make the marriage official a few days before the celebration. Occasionally, the councilor or mayor attends the venue to make the link official, so the appointment in court would not be necessary.
Religious ceremony : will depend on the availability of the church. Don’t forget to ask about the premarital courses. They will also tell you the certificates that you must present.


This is one of the questions that many couples ask themselves. My answer is that it is a decision as personal as the choice of dress, bouquet or farm. Like everything, it has advantages and disadvantages. You can choose to contract all the providers on your own, which will be cheaper or you can choose to leave it in the hands of professionals who will be aware of all the details in the appropriate time frames, they will recommend what to choose based on your tastes and you They will come up with very, very original ideas. This last option will increase the cost of your wedding, although it can save you headaches. The arrows Vera organized a beautiful wedding.
If you choose to organize it yourself, we continue with the guide for your perfect wedding, you have a list with more tips:

My advice is that once the wedding date is closed, the second thing you pay attention to is the photograph. Keep in mind that they are the memories of your wedding day, the day that you have managed to gather family and friends, do not you think it is something wonderful? It is a very special day where numerous moments happen and these should be left in the hands of a good professional. In this post I give some tips on “How to choose your wedding photographer”

It is possible that you already have the photographer in mind for having seen her reports on social networks and you have said that “when I get married I will hire you for my photos”.
In that case, save the date as soon as possible. There are months in high demand and, believe me, it is very sad to have to say no to couples who love your job because they have a busy date.


Once the subject of the farm and the photographer is closed, it is time to move forward with the preparations. Between 6 and 9 months before the wedding you can go looking for the perfect dress for you.
Make an appointment in different specialized stores and your dress will be the one that you can not get out of your head. Maria Baraza, Beba’s Official, El Tocador Vintage, Jose María Peiro, are professionals who will give you special attention and will know how to recommend the best.
They will do different tests until a date very close to the wedding in case the last touches had to be made.
A tip: think about your comfort, I have seen brides who could barely move due to the complexity and heaviness of the dress.


The godfather and the godmother are usually chosen from those closest to the couple. It is very common for the father of the bride to act as best man and the mother of the groom as godmother, although they can also be brothers, cousins or friends. There is no rule for this.
The witnesses have the mission to endorse the new marriage. The mandatory number is two, but you can choose a larger number.


It is the most anticipated trip of the year. It is time to cross borders, discover new continents or special places for the couple. Choose between city, mountain, safari, paradise beach or a mixture of everything. Either option will be special because it will be your first trip as a marriage.
Keep in mind that if you are outside Europe you must issue the passport or renew your ID, make sure it is valid for the date of the trip to avoid unpleasant surprises.
There are couples who choose to also organize the entire trip, others decide to contract it through travel agencies. Depending on the destination, it is advisable to take out travel insurance.


Wedding invitations (even if reported well in advance) are usually delivered about 3 months before the wedding. It must have data such as:
Date, time and place of the celebration.
Telephone contacts.
If you have chosen bus service, indicate it so that they confirm if they will use it.
The design will go according to the theme of the wedding. If, for example, you have decided that the wedding has a musical atmosphere, the invitation can be a score or a staff.


Live music? Choir during the religious ceremony? Musician or singer for any of the moments of the ceremony and / or cocktail? I send you these questions for you to keep in mind, there are weddings enlivened with live music that are a real wonder. Pianist, violinist, live band? I recommend saxophonist Ángel Rivero.
Another aspect to keep in mind is choosing the music that will go at all times, at the entrance of the groom, of the bride, at the entrance to the cocktail party, of the banquet, in gifts to family or friends.
Do you agree that a friend or family member is turning years? Will you sing happy birthday to him? All these details must be told to the DJ (and well, to the photographer).
Some farms have a DJ service, make sure that the style is related to you. Also pay attention to this as music is essential so that the party and fun are guaranteed.


The groom’s suit is usually reserved about 4-5 months before the wedding. If you opt for a tailored suit you will need a little more time.
The bride and groom usually wear accessories such as cufflinks, tie or bow tie, suspenders or original socks to match witnesses or friends. These details give very funny moments in the photos.


What would be a guide to a perfect wedding without attending to the shoes? More and more brides are deciding to add a touch of color to their shoes, it is something I love. The Uniqshoes signature makes some spectacular designs, you can choose color, fabric, heel, fully customizable. Jorge Larrañaga designs elegant and very beautiful shoes. Many brides choose their designs and always succeed.
Consider the heel protectors if the ceremony or cocktail is on the lawn.
You may not be used to wearing heels or just choose to change them for the party. Choose a comfortable option that allows you to continue enjoying every minute.


When you think of flowers for the wedding, the first thing you think of is the bride’s bouquet. Yes, it is a very important part, but in this guide for a perfect wedding we remind you that there are also the flowers of the church or to decorate the civil ceremony, the setting of the groom and the groomsman, the flowers for the decoration of the tables of the banquet. It is very common to give flowers to moms and / or grandmothers, remember to add these bouquets to your list.
As for the bouquet, you can choose between natural or preserved flowers. The Wildflores girls make beautiful designs and they will advise you a lot.
Have you ever wondered what to do with your bouquet? In this post I talk about “what to do with the bridal bouquet”.


There are couples who decorate the family car and there are other couples who choose to rent an old model. What will be your option?


Caring for the skin is something that we should do routinely, although it is true that on certain dates and the wedding is one of them, we try to take more care of both the skin and the hair. That is why in this guide for a perfect wedding we recommend it. We know that it is a good practice and that it will be useful in these preparations. It is possible that you choose your usual beauty center or that you need to locate a professional for your wedding day.

It is advisable to search in time as they will recommend you to do different tests both in hairdressing and makeup. The main thing is that you feel natural since a very ornate makeup or hairstyle can cause you some rejection.

You must also choose to attend the beauty salon on the wedding day or have the professional move to your home, the latter usually has an extra cost for travel. Do you need recommendations? You can check the profile of The bride’s hairstyle, which makes incredible collections, it will also advise you very well a hairstyle according to your dress and the treatment will be excellent. Macarena Rodriguez has a beauty salon in Madrid that is wonderful, the attention is exquisite. And if you get married in Castellón or surroundings, I recommend Urban Saloon , in its beauty center you will feel good, the professionalism of the girls, the advice for your big day and the spectacular attention will make you leave delighted.


  1. I suggest you visit The details of my wedding since Maria will help you with a lot of suggestions and ideas.
  2. Headdress, veil, crown (to take it to the makeup and hair test)
  3. Bride and groom entrance – will the kids accompany you? If yes, my advice is that the kids have enough space with respect to the boyfriend or girlfriend, so they are not aware of whether they stand or look to one side or the other. Many brides do the pending tour of the kids and, girls! That moment is for you to enjoy, for you to see the guests and, above all, the groom and future husband. Believe me that his look is wonderful.
  4. Rice, colored flares, cold flares, confetti, petals…: it is an incredible moment. You just said yes! Come out with a lot of joy and that wonderful energy, the photos will be incredible.
  5. Guest accommodation
  6. Bus service
  7. Jewels and alliances
  8. Lingerie
  9. Thank you details for guests, bracelets, red noses for the benefit of the associations or NGOs to support disease research.
  10. Bathroom emergency kit
  11. If there are children, entertainer? Bags with sweets, markers, coloring books.
  12. Seating or how to organize the arrangement of the guests. Will there be a children’s table? Remember to choose the names of the tables or maybe you choose numbers. 

This is the guide to a perfect wedding that I have prepared for you. I hope it is useful to you, that it has helped you and that it helps you in the preparations for your wedding. I will be delighted to receive your comments and / or recommendations. My last advice is to enjoy every minute of this great day as it will be one of the best days of your life.
Thanks for getting here. It will be a pleasure to be able to tell your story, capture every moment and that you can relive the emotions when viewing the photos. A big hug.





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