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How to dress for a couple photo shoot?

The clothing of the session has a lot to do with your personality and with the type of photographs you are looking for and especially with the environment (beach, mountain, etc). Here are some basic recommendations so that your look is up to the task.

1.Coordinate the tones, but do not wear the same. Look for colors that complement each other instead of identical colors, that go with your complexion and that of your partner. That is: the ideal is that they are at opposite ends within the color wheel. Blue Orange. Purple-green. If there is no way to turn the closet around using this formula, use a neutral color combined with a bright one: gray and yellow; beige and coral, etc.

Coordinate the tones, but do not wear the same

2. Consider the place. The style of clothing should match the style of photos you are looking for. You can choose comfortable clothes if they are going to take fun jumping photos or you can wear more formal clothes if they are calmer photos.

Consider the place

3. Take advantage of one of your common hobbies. Or better yet, combine your two favorite hobbies if they are different.

Take advantage of one of your common hobbies.

4. The accessories. It is very likely that you will take short shots where you can see the ring up close, your faces, a kiss … The accessories are perfect for this type of shot, as long as they do not detract from the prominence of the ring. What you surely should NOT carry is: the bag.


5. Movement in the garments. Especially if you choose a skirt or a dress. Try looking for garments with fringes, feathers … The photos jumping, for example, or running oe are more spectacular if the fabric is fluid (for example gauze) than if it is rigid (for example, satin). Of course, garments with more structured fabrics favor more from any angle, while flowing skirts are more treacherous. Test at home from various angles, postures, and movements.

 Movement in the garments.

6. Wear something you feel comfortable with and identify with. If jeans are your thing, don’t force yourself to wear a cocktail dress. Couple photos serve above all to capture the energy of the couple and make the photographer part of it, so the more you feel in your skin, the easier it will be for this naturalness to come to light and be captured by the camera. If you think that jeans are too informal, take the opportunity to combine them with another more sophisticated garment.

Wear something you feel comfortable with and identify with

7. Dress in whatever station. No pretending that it is summer in the middle of November: not only is it uncomfortable, but the photos will seem ‘fake’. If it is winter, take the opportunity to take advantage of your outerwear, and use other elements typical of the season, such as light (from October to December the light is perfect for outdoor photography, while the rest of the year you have to wait at sunset), snow, golden leaves or puddles of rain that reflect light.

Dress in whatever station.

8. White dress No !. More than anything because that’s what the wedding album is for, especially if you are going to share the photos on social networks or print them with the invitations or the save-the-date . A long white dress will create confusion among the guests: have they already married? Perhaps there is a civil ceremony before the religious one? Is this the dress the bride will wear? This color is also more difficult to capture in photos, as is black.

How to dress for a couple photo shoot

9. Wear two different looks . Plan at least two outfits for each member of the couple. If both styles work, the result of the photos will be more varied. If in the end you only look good with one, you’ll be glad you didn’t risk it all in one outfit.

How to dress for a couple photo shoot

10. Prepare ideas : Look at casual photo sessions that you have seen on Instagram or any social network. It will inspire you. And it will prevent you from going blank without knowing what to do.

How to dress for a couple photo shoot

11. Special prop for the session : Be original and look for fun elements to accompany the session, eg, smoke cannons, bikes, suitcases … whatever you can think of.

How to dress for a couple photo shoot

12. Happiness and laughter : The important thing is to have a good time and not be tense. So bring out your most romantic and complicit side. Play, tickle yourselves, kiss you … and relax.

How to dress for a couple photo shoot

13. Hair and makeup : The ideal is to go makeup and hair stylists. Make it simple and not too ornate so that your photographs are more natural and you don’t see yourself “in disguise”.

How to dress for a couple photo shoot

14. Listen to the professionals : Photographers are the experts and specialists, follow their wise recommendations. They’ll get the best shots.

How to dress for a couple photo shoot

We hope that these tips are useful to you since the photos of couples are very fashionable now. Most photographers recommend them because they help to connect with the couple before the wedding day, that is, they serve as a test to avoid unnecessary nerves. In these sessions it is not essential that everything goes right the first time. They also allow you to put some poses or angles into practice and are a nice memory that is often used as part of the invitations, in the same decoration of the B day, or simply as a preview of the wedding on social networks. That is to say: as a rule they are not photographs that are going to stay in a drawer.


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