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How much should you spend on maternity photos?

Expecting a baby is one of the most magical times in a woman’s life. Preserving memories of this special period with professional maternity photos is a cherished tradition for many families in Coimbatore. However, maternity photography services can vary widely in style and pricing. So, how much should you reasonably budget for pregnancy photos in Coimbatore? Read on for a breakdown of popular maternity photoshoot styles, factors impacting costs, price ranges and money-saving tips.

How Much Should You Budget for Maternity Photos

Popular maternity photoshoot styles

Indoor vs. outdoor shoots: Will your session be at a photography studio or scenic outdoor spot? Each has pros and cons to weigh regarding comfort, backgrounds and lighting.

Portraits, belly-focused or lifestyle: Traditional maternity portraits focus closely on your face and bump. Lifestyle photos capture candid moments with your partner and family in natural settings.

Black-and-white or colour images: Color photos are most common now, but some women prefer elegant black-and-white images.

Number of outfits and looks: Simple or more costume changes? Coordinating outfits with your partner and kids or not? More wardrobe and props mean more shooting time and expense.

Factors affecting maternity photoshoot costs

Several key things impact what photographers charge for maternity sessions in Coimbatore:

Photographer’s experience and skills

Established maternity pros with an artistic eye, technical competency, top gear and knowledge of optimal flattering poses warrant higher fees.

Type of photoshoot

Is it a mini session (30 minutes or under), a longer portrait session or a full-day lifestyle shoot? Time impacts cost.

Number and style of images

Simple portraits or series showing belly progression? Black-and-white or colour? Several digitally edited finished images provided affect pricing.

Accessories and props

Some photographers have an extensive prop collection. Renting special items comes at a premium.


Studios are the most affordable, while sessions at picturesque outdoor locations usually cost more.

Timing and duration

Peak seasons like spring have higher demand. Longer sessions mean higher booking fees.

Post-production editing

Basic colour correction or extensive retouching like removing stretch marks? More editing skills justify higher prices.

Additional services

Add-ons like maternity books, canvas prints, digital download bundles or video slideshows add to the bottom line.

Average maternity photoshoot costs in Coimbatore

Now that we’ve covered the photography factors impacting fees, what price range is typical for maternity photos in Coimbatore? We can break it down into budgetmid-range and high-end session tiers:

Budget maternity photoshoots

  • Cost: ₹5,000 – ₹10,000
  • What’s included: Mini 30-minute indoor session with a newer photographer, 25-40 basic edited digital images.

Mid-range maternity photoshoots

  • Cost: ₹10,000 – ₹20,000
  • What’s included: A one-hour studio session with a mid-level photographer, 50-75 professionally edited images, and some simple props/accessories.

High-end maternity photoshoots

  • Cost: ₹20,000+
  • What’s included: Top photographer, custom multi-look studio and outdoor lifestyle session lasting 2+ hours, 100+ expertly edited images, maternity album/print bundle.

As you can see, maternity photography costs span a wide spectrum in Coimbatore. Defining your priorities for photos and budget will help narrow your options.

Making the most of your maternity budget

Want fabulous photos without overspending? Try these budget-friendly tips:

Booking during off-peak seasons

Avoid booking in peak spring/fall periods when demand surges. Discounts may be offered in summer or winter.

Keeping it short and simple

Opt for a 30-60-minute mini-session with minimal outfit changes, props and settings. It still captures the magic!

Checking newer photographers

Talented up-and-comers charge less as they build portfolios and reputations. Check Instagram hashtags to find them!

Avoiding extras you don’t need

Nice-to-have prints, albums and gift pads costs. Stick to digital file essentials if you’re budget-conscious.

Consider doing an à la carte photoshoot.

Some top studios offer mix-and-match add-ons, letting you customize sessions affordably.

Maternity photos at any budget can craft lasting memories during this fleeting moment of expectant bliss! Prioritize what matters most in your images, trim unnecessary frills, and research costs to find a photographer in your budget to beautifully document your pregnancy journey. And for more inspiration, visit our Instagram page!


What is the cost of a basic maternity shoot in Coimbatore?

  • A budget maternity shoot costs about ₹5,000 – ₹10,000 in Coimbatore. This buys a quick 30-minute indoor session with a starter photographer and 25-40 finished digital images.

What should you pay for good maternity photos?

  • For strong artistic skills, flattering poses and quality professional editing, expect to invest ₹10,000 – ₹20,000 on good maternity photos in Coimbatore. Mid-range sessions last 1+ hours.

Is ₹10K enough for a maternity photoshoot?

  • If you work with a budget photographer and get a mini-session with minimal images, ₹10K can be enough to get some basic maternity photos in Coimbatore. For more robust shoots, increase the budget to ₹15-20K.

What does maternity photography cost for 2 hours?

  • In Coimbatore, maternity photography sessions lasting 2 hours typically range from ₹15,000 – ₹25,000 based on the photographer’s reputation and number of edited images included.

Is it worth paying more for maternity pics?

  • Paying more does buy you an experienced photographer’s artistic skills, top editing and optimal comfort/posing for the most flattering, heirloom-quality maternity images to treasure. Determine priorities in your photos, but if the budget allows, this special life memory has good ROI.


Capturing your pregnancy’s fleeting and beautiful moments with professional maternity photography is a cherished, worthwhile investment for many expectant Coimbatore women. Prices span a broad range based on session length, settings, photographer expertise, and types of images/extras. Defining your must-have moments and comparing options at different tiers will help determine an optimal budget that meets your needs. Wherever you land within the ₹5-20K+ spectrum, focus on favoring quality over quantity. Even a mini-session can craft some magical memories you’ll relish for years. Contact us today to start creating your own beautiful pregnancy journey!


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