The newborn sessions are the most specialized photo sessions. They are done when the baby is less than 12 days old.
During the first weeks the baby, as a newborn, still has a very deep sleep, which means that he can be placed in various positions without waking up very often.
On the other hand, newborn babies still keep the fetal position, and that means that they can be placed in a ball in your hands. That wonderful moment of the session in which you drool (literally
They are very quiet sessions, in which we always go to the rhythm of your baby. You will see how I sleep it, how I place it in little baskets or in your hands. You will be able to observe calmly how it poses, while you rest and enjoy the experience.
We will take pictures of the baby alone, but I also attach great importance to family pictures. You are the most important thing in his life, so for me, a newborn reportage without parents or siblings would be like a puzzle with half the pieces.
We will take more posed and less posed photographs, in order to capture well your gestures, your looks, and smiles, which at this moment come out every two by three.
It is a time when your feelings are on the surface, and that is evident in each photograph, turning the report into something very special.


I’m going to explain a little bit how newborn sessions work. The newborn or newborn sessions are only successfully achieved when babies are 8 to 12 days old since they maintain the fetal position and allow themselves to pose while they sleep, they are more flexible and maintain their newborn features … the session gives them It is going to enchant …
After that time the babies are a little more rigid, difficult to pose, their sleep is not so deep, they spend more time awake, they eat much more, they are curious about their environment, make strength with each day, They may have colic and after 15 days the session and the positions we use would be very uncomfortable and unsafe for them, therefore, we do not work with babies of more than 15 days.
So it is important to hire your session BEFORE your baby is born, the reservation is made with the probable date of delivery, so you ensure you have the space in the month your baby is born and you do not run out of space. These types of sessions are very special and take time, so we only do two sessions per day, so we work with 20 limited spaces per month, so we always suggest making your reservation when you are between the 28th and 35th week of pregnancy.


In the years that I have been portraying babies, I can affirm that the best age to photograph them (when they are not newborns) is when they are already sitting alone and without help. This is between months 7 and 8 approx (although it varies in each case). The reason is that he has not yet traveled much and happily accesses the positive stimuli that are being worked on.

So this session is exclusively for babies between 6 months and 10 months


This is definitely a fun session !! What better than to celebrate your baby’s first year in a big way.

Our Cake Smash or first year sessions are designed for babies who are not yet their first year, that is, the ideal is to do them between 10 and 11 months of your baby before he starts walking and escapes us …

Always based on our style and taste, our clients trust us they know that the theme and the cake we choose will always be special, so they are surprised.


Our pregnancy sessions are the perfect complement, the ideal memory for your baby, once he is big he will always be able to see how you were when you were pregnant with him.

We recommend planning this session from week 28 to 35 so that you can shine in all your splendor.

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