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Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Cost in Bangalore: A Detailed Guide

Why Choose Bangalore for Your Pre-Wedding Shoot?

Picturesque Locations

Bangalore, the Garden City of India, boasts a diverse range of breathtaking locations that provide the perfect backdrop for your pre-marriage photoshoot. From lush green parks and historic monuments to modern architecture and vibrant streets, the city offers an array of stunning settings to capture your love story.

Talented Photographers

With a thriving photography community, Bangalore has numerous talented photographers who specialize in pre-wedding shoots. These professionals have a keen eye for capturing candid moments and creating beautiful, artistic images that will be cherished forever.

Affordable Prices

Bangalore offers competitive rates for pre-marriage photoshoots compared to other major cities in India. With various packages and options, couples can find a solution that fits their budget without compromising quality.

Factors That Influence Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Costs

Photography Package

Basic Package

The basic package typically includes:

  • A few hours of photography coverage.
  • A limited number of edited images. essential
  • Basic editing services.

This option is ideal for couples with tight budgets or prefer a more minimalistic approach.

Premium Package

For those seeking a more comprehensive experience, the premium package offers extended photography coverage, a more significant number of edited images, advanced editing techniques, and additional services like albums or prints.

Customized Package

Many photographers in Bangalore offer customized packages tailored to your needs and preferences. This allows you to pick and choose the services you require, ensuring you get precisely what you want without paying for unnecessary extras.


Indoor Studio

Indoor studio shoots are generally more affordable as they require less logistical planning and equipment. However, they may need more natural beauty and a variety of outdoor locations.

Outdoor Locations

Outdoor shoots in Bangalore’s picturesque locations can be more expensive due to factors like travel, permits, and additional equipment needed. However, they provide stunning backdrops and unique photo opportunities.


The duration of your pre-marriage photoshoot will also impact the cost. Longer sessions typically result in higher fees, requiring more time and effort from the photographer and their team.

Additional Services

Hair and Makeup

Many couples opt to include professional hair and makeup services in their pre-marriage photoshoot package. These additional services can significantly increase the overall cost and enhance the look and feel of your photos.

Outfits and Props

If you plan to have multiple outfit changes or incorporate props into your photoshoot, you may need to factor in additional costs for styling, rentals, or purchases.


Combining your pre-marriage photoshoot with videography services can capture stunning still images, candid moments, and emotions in motion. This additional service will naturally increase the overall cost.

Average Pre-Marriage Photoshoot Costs in Bangalore

While costs can vary widely depending on the factors mentioned above, the average pre-wedding photoshoot cost in Bangalore ranges from ₹20,000 to ₹50,000 for a basic package and ₹50,000 to ₹1,00,000 or more for a premium or customized package.

Tips for Saving Money on Your Pre-Wedding Shoot

Plan Ahead

Booking your pre-marriage photoshoot well in advance can help you secure better rates and take advantage of early bird discounts offered by photographers.

Negotiate Packages

Feel free to negotiate with photographers and discuss customizing packages to fit your needs and budget. Many professionals are willing to work with you to create a tailored solution.

Consider Off-Season Dates

Opting for off-season or weekday dates can sometimes result in lower rates, as photographers may have more availability during these times.

Limit Additional Services

While additional services like hair and makeup or videography can enhance your photoshoot experience, they can also significantly increase the overall cost. Consider limiting these extras or finding more affordable alternatives.

Top Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Locations in Bangalore

Lal Bagh Botanical Garden

This stunning botanical garden is a popular choice for pre-wedding shoots in Bangalore. With its lush greenery, vibrant flower beds, and historic monuments, Lal Bagh offers a variety of beautiful backdrops for your photos.

Nandi Hills

Located just outside Bangalore, Nandi Hills is a picturesque location known for its stunning natural landscapes and panoramic views. This scenic spot is perfect for couples who want to incorporate nature into their pre-wedding shoot.

Cubbon Park

Cubbon Park, a sprawling green oasis in the heart of Bangalore, is another popular choice for pre-wedding photoshoots. Its beautiful gardens, historic buildings, and charming pathways offer a range of photo opportunities.

Bengaluru Palace

Consider having your pre-wedding shoot at the magnificent Bengaluru Palace for a touch of royalty and grandeur. This stunning architectural marvel, with its ornate details and lush gardens, provides a regal backdrop for your love story.

How to Choose the Right Photographer

Check Their Portfolio

Before booking a photographer, thoroughly review their portfolio to ensure their style and quality align with your vision. Look for consistency, creativity, and attention to detail in their work.

Read Reviews

Reading reviews from previous clients can give you valuable insights into a photographer’s professionalism, communication skills, and overall experience working with them.

Discuss Your Vision

Schedule a consultation with potential photographers to discuss your vision for the pre-wedding shoot. A good photographer will listen to your ideas, offer suggestions, and work collaboratively to bring your vision to life.

FAQs related to pre-wedding photoshoot costs in Bangalore:

Q1: Is booking a makeup artist for a pre-wedding photoshoot necessary?

While it’s not mandatory, having a professional makeup artist can significantly enhance your pre-wedding photos’ overall look and feel. However, this service will add to the overall cost. If you’re on a tight budget, consider doing your makeup or asking a friend skilled in makeup application.

Q2: Can I provide my outfits and props for the photoshoot?

Absolutely! Most photographers in Bangalore encourage couples to bring their own outfits and props, which adds a personal touch to the photos and can also help you save money on rental costs. Just make sure to discuss your plans with the photographer beforehand so they can prepare accordingly.

Q3: How many locations can we typically cover in a pre-wedding photoshoot?

The number of locations you can cover will depend on the package you choose and the duration of the shoot. Generally, most basic packages include 2-3 locations within Bangalore, while premium packages may cover 4-5 locations or more. Remember that travelling between locations can consume much of the allotted time.

Q4: If we need to cancel or postpone our pre-wedding photoshoot, can we get a refund or reschedule?

Most photographers in Bangalore have cancellation and rescheduling policies. However, these policies can vary from one photographer to another. Discussing these terms upfront and understanding the conditions for rescheduling or cancellation and any associated fees or refund options is essential.

Q5: Can we request specific editing styles or filters for our pre-wedding photos?

Absolutely! Professional photographers in Bangalore are typically open to incorporating your desired editing styles or filters into your pre-wedding photos. It’s best to discuss your preferences during the consultation phase, and some photographers may even provide sample edits for you to review and approve before finalizing the images.

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