SEO for Photographers Understand how the machine looks at images

SEO for Photographers: Understand how the machine looks at images

I am organizing a specific training for those who want to position images. “SEO for Photographers” will be an intense day of practical training where the teaching will be analyzed on the websites of the students, who will receive intensive consultancy and will be shown how they can make their websites and blogs rank above the competition. The information will always refer to official sources such as the Official Google Guide on Image Publishing

Why so? So that the information is really practical and very useful. Of course

Don’t put text inside images
Of course, neither Google nor Bing can recognize the text inside the photos. They will someday. But at the moment SEO for photographers has other techniques, because at the moment Google does not distinguish between the photo of a photographer or any other.

Give the search engine information about the image
The text around the image also counts, and the ALT, TITLE, and filename tags are essential for Google to understand what the image is about.

Protect your images without hiding them
If you are afraid that your images will be stolen, you can protect them so much that the robot cannot detect them. Everything that is inside javascript, flash, and the like, is difficult for Google to see and usually ignores.

Specify the image size
For Google, a photo is worth more where  in the Html code it specifies the width and height of an image. If it is not described in the source code, the browser will load and adjust it automatically, and it can be displayed perfectly. But since search engines do not work by looking at the screen, but by looking at the code, they will see that it is something without optimizing, and they will detract from it.

Optimize the weight in KB and photo size
Although it is not seen on the screen, the search engine can know the loading time of a photo. If the page is too large it will take a long time to load, and that will detract from your website and your photos. There is no point in showing 2MB photos and exaggerated quality.

Also, don’t upload full-resolution photos from the browser to adjust later. Although it is possible that your theme or some plugin adjusts them automatically, in reality, unnecessary information is being loaded, and that Google can detect it and subtract positions to raise a page with the best-optimized images of the first place.

With all these points, Google is trying to give the user good viewing experience. Do the same and the search engine will fall in love with your page!

In the Web Positioning Workshop for photographers, there will be much more information because here not everything fits, and it will be much more practical because from here I do not know the needs of each reader. Subscribe in the black box to not miss a news or ask me directly. Any questions I am still in the comments and on twitter!!

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