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Wedding Photography Poses for Couples: Capturing Unforgettable Moments

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Wedding Photography Poses for Couples : The Importance of Great Couple Poses 

Hey there, lovebirds! As a wedding photographer with Athini Photos, I know how crucial it is to capture those once-in-a-lifetime moments between you and your sweetheart. Great couple poses are the key to unforgettable wedding photos that will make your hearts flutter for years. Whether you’re camera-shy lovebirds or total hams in front of the lens, I’ve covered you with various poses that will showcase your unique love story.

At Athini Photos, we’re all about keeping things fun, fresh, and full of personality. We’re not your average, stuffy photography company – we’re a team of friendly creatives who will make you feel like family from the first snap of the shutter. Our photos capture the real, unfiltered you, adding a touch of whimsy and artistry. Trust us to memorialise those unique “I’ve found my soulmate” vibes on your big day forever.

Romantic and Intimate Couple Poses

The Dip Kiss

Few poses sizzle with as much passionate romance as the classic dip kiss. With your arms wrapped tightly around your partner, dip them back slightly and share a sweet, lingering kiss. This pose looks fantastic in both vibrant colours and elegant black and white. Pro tip: have your partner put one leg behind them for an extra dramatic flair!

Forehead Lean

The forehead lean is the perfect “we were made for each other” portrait. Lean in and rest your foreheads together, gazing lovingly into each other’s eyes. This intimate pose screams soulmate connection and makes for an undeniably beautiful photo, especially when captured in soft, natural light.

Romantic Embrace

Embrace your partner closely, holding them in your arms like you never want to let go. Pull them in tight, breathing in the moment as you nuzzle your cheek against theirs. This romantic clinch will make viewers swoon and is ideal for capturing your palpable chemistry.

Tender Hand Hold

Remember to underestimate the power of simply holding hands! Interlace your fingers with your partner’s, joining your lives together symbolically. This tender pose is sweet and timeless and lets your photographer get creative with interesting angles and framing for a unique take on a classic.

Fun and Playful Couple Poses

The Piggyback Ride

For an irresistibly playful shot, have your spouse hop onto your back as you give them a piggyback ride! This giggle-inducing pose lets your fun-loving personality shine and provides a candid, joyful feel. Looking over your shoulder to steal a kiss makes it even more aww-worthy.

Walking Hand-in-Hand

There’s something so romantic about a simple stroll together, fingers intertwined. Ask your photographer to capture you walking hand-in-hand, whether down a nature path or on a classic Brooklyn street. This pose allows for gorgeous environmental portraiture while focusing on your loving connection.

The Spin and Dip

Add some spice to your photos with the always-impressive spin and dip! Have your partner twirl you dramatically before dipping you back into a swoon-worthy kiss. This high-energy pose is perfect for capturing movements and expressions of joy and passion.

High Five

For a unique take on a celebratory pose, share an enthusiastic high-five! This fun photo celebrates the exciting union while showcasing your playful sides. Bonus points if you can perfectly sync your high-five smiles and jumps!

Classic Couple Poses

The Formal Portrait

Every couple needs at least one quintessential formal portrait to treasure for generations. With you standing front-on to the camera in your dapper ensembles and your partner nestled at your side, hands clasped, this pose epitomises timeless elegance.

The Almost Kiss

Capture the magic and anticipation of your first married kiss without locking lips. With your faces mere inches apart, almost brushing noses, this romantic pose oozes desire and chemistry. It’s undeniably passionate while still leaving something to the imagination.

Ballroom Pose

Straight from the pages of a fairy tale, the ballroom pose showcases your graceful romance. You’ll hold your partner closely, one hand on their back and the other gently grasping their hand, posed as if you’re mid-dance at an elegant ball. An instant classic!

Back Embrace

Stand behind your spouse for a warm, loving portrait and wrap them up in a tender embrace from behind. Rest your hands on their waist or stomach, or intertwine fingers over their heart while they lean back onto your shoulder. It’s so simple, yet so beautiful.

Pose with Props Couple Poses

Umbrella Spin

Add an extra dose of whimsy to your photos with a classic umbrella spin! Have one of you spin and twirl a colourful umbrella overhead as the other dances around you. We love this carefree, romantic pose’s storytelling and sense of movement.

Floral Arch

Make your photos look straight out of a fairytale by incorporating a gorgeous floral arch or backdrop! Stand within the lush greenery and vibrant blooms, snuggling close as you create your magical garden Eden. Venue floral installations make perfect ready-made arches.

Utilising Environment

For showstopping environmental portraits, get creative with your surroundings! If you’re tying the knot in a scenic locale, we’ll have you posing amid rolling vineyards, on an idyllic beach, or surrounded by towering mountain peaks. Using nature as your backdrop makes for magazine-worthy photos.

Champagne Toast

It’s time for a celebratory toast to your new marriage! Pose together, champagne flutes in hand, as you tap them together in symbolic cheers. This lighthearted pose captures that giddy “we did it!” feeling while allowing you to show off your glittering glassware and bridal accessories.


No matter what style of wedding photography poses for couples you choose, the most important thing is that they reflect your unique love and personality as a duo. At Athini Photos, we’ll blend our expertise with your vision to create a magical gallery of images you’ll cherish forever. So relax, be yourself, and let us capture the raw, authentic moments that make your love story so special. Visit our Instagram page to see how we’ve helped other couples immortalize their big day in a way that’s truly one-of-a-kind.


How many poses should we plan to do for our couple’s portraits?

While we always aim for a good variety, most couples end up doing around 15-20 different poses throughout their portrait session. This allows us to capture various traditional, romantic, playful, and creative shots.

How can we prepare for our couple’s poses?

The best thing is to relax and be yourself! Don’t overthink it or be afraid to get goofy. Feel free to suggest poses you’ve seen that you love, but also be open to your photographer’s creative direction. Ensure you’re both well-rested and have eaten something, too – you’ll want lots of energy!

What should we wear for our couple’s portraits?

This is a chance to have some fun with your looks! Consider outfits that reflect your styles, whether casual and laid-back or dressed to the nines. Coordinating – not matching – your colours and level of formality creates visual interest. And remember fun accessories to incorporate!

Do you offer guidance on posing during the session?

Absolutely! Our photographers are posing pros and will coach you every step of the way with clear instructions and gentle adjustments. We’ll make sure you both look and feel fabulous in each pose. Be bold and ask questions if anything feels unnatural.

When is the best time for a couple’s portraits?

We always recommend doing your couple’s portrait session around 1-2 hours before your scheduled ceremony start time. This lets you get all the photos done with plenty of time to spare before walking down the aisle. It’s best when you’re freshly beautified but have yet to be rushed!

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